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Young Bosses, Older Workers; Bridging the Gap

on November 5, 2012

Young Bosses, Older Workers; Bridging the Gap

This article starts by discussing the fact that there is a growing population of older workers and why they are staying on the job longer.  With the rising cost of health insurance and cost of living, the age of retirement has gone up significantly and more people are working at an older age than ever before.  Many younger managers now have to challenge themselves by managing this generation of older workers and this article provides 3 tips to do so:

1.  Ask for Feedback and Suggestions

2.  You are in Charge, Regardless of your age

3.  Keep the Focus on the Team

It highlights ideas including asking the more experienced workers questions and requesting feedback, reminding yourself that even though the older staff members are your parents’ ages, they still need to be managed, and to ensure that the focus of your team is on shared goals.

The article stresses the idea of a team as a whole, leaving culture, age and other differences behind.

The comments that come after the article also reflect struggles of other young managers who have experienced this challenge as well as older employees’ experiences with younger managers.

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